Woodlawn Senior Tells Why He’s for St. George

Woodlawn Senior Tells Why He’s for St. George

Zachary Rogers may only be 19 years old and a senior at Woodlawn High School, but he is a strong voice for incorporating St. George and creating the Southeast school district.  Zachary testified at the legislature last May in favor of the new school system and gave TV interviews.  Now he’s busy waving signs and getting petition signatures in support of incorporating St. George.  In an interview with Capital City News, he said, “I’m a senior at Woodlawn High School, and my family has attended Woodlawn since the 1970’s.  The last couple of years, things have gotten worse and worse there.  There are a lot of discipline problems and failed policies that go on and on and never get fixed.”

“My aunts and uncles went to Woodlawn in the 1970’s.  Now they live in Central.”

“I think having our own city and our own school system are very critical for a number of reasons.  For example, at Woodlawn High, I believe it will be more strict and we’ll have better discipline.  In the new City of St. George, I think we’ll have much better control of the money that comes in, and we’ll know where it goes, instead of being spent on random stuff.”

“I feel our voice in the unincorporated area is not being heard by the Mayor and the Metro Council.”

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