Coach Kenny Guillot Retires as Parkview Head Coach

Coach Kenny Guillot Retires as Parkview Head Coach

Parkview Baptist head football coach Kenny Guillot tendered his resignation last month and will become the school’s Athletic Director.  After 15 highly successful seasons and four state championships, this role model for Louisiana players and coaches is stepping down from the demanding position as head coach due to health reasons.

I have had a special place in my heart for Kenny Guillot since my kids were students at Parkview. My youngest daughter Catherine Jenkins was head cheerleader for the Parkview team in 2001, the year Kenny Guillot won his first state championship.

He is an amazing man who gives of himself to everyone around him everyday. Over the years, he has demonstrated his hard work, integrity, courage, ability, perseverance, and love of his fellow man as few others are able do. And he certainly knows how to make people feel special and make them feel they are part of his achievements!

In December 2012, after Parkview had just won another state championship at the Superdome, he and my friend Dale Spikes showed up at our newspaper office unexpectedly. We had written a couple of stories about the team and run some of Ron Moore’s great photos of Parkview’s victories. Coach Guillot comes in with a beautiful replica of the Louisiana 3-A State Championship trophy and said, “Woody, we just want to present this to you and tell you how much you mean to Parkview football!” Wow, so few people say “Thank you!” in this world and to have someone I admire so much to do so in such an unforgettable way is a memory I will always treasure!

Robin Fambrough of the Advocate wrote a piece in the Sunday paper about Coach Guillot that tells some of the challenges that have been going on in his life. Robin is probably the best sportswriter in this city and maybe the state. The photos on this page are by Ron Moore for the Capital City News. Many thanks to Ron.

Just a final thought: Don’t be surprised if Coach Guillot recovers completely and maybe even returns to coaching when he is ready.

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