Businessman Harry Rauls Endorsed for  City Council

Businessman Harry Rauls Endorsed for City Council

 Harry Rauls has been endorsed for the Central City Council by the Republican Party.  Here are some of his recent public comments:
•    “I left Louisiana several years ago and moved back to Central in 2003.  I am motivated by my love of Central.  You won’t find finer people anywhere.  We’re very fortunate in city government because we don’t start with a lot of baggage, such as unfunded retirement programs, since we have only three city employees.”
•    “Baton Rouge is getting ready to boom.  Since our school system started, Central has come a long way.  Good schools will bring people.  We just have to be sure we don’t exceed our resources.
•    “I have served on the Planning & Zoning Commission since 2010 and have participated in the Master Plan, the new Comprehensive Zoning Plan, and the government and school system committees.”
•    “I believe Central is positioned and has all the attributes to be one of the leading cities in the state.  But we must insure uncontrolled growth does not overwhelm our resources and Central’s quality of life.  The Councilmen we elect are vital to successful future growth of the City of Central.  I believe I have the maturity, experience, integrity, independence, fiscal responsibility, moral character, and the commitment to serve only in the best interest of the citizens of Central.”
•    “I like to reach across the aisles.  One of our problems in Central is people get mad about something and they don’t get over it.  If I lose, I don’t come back and try to tear down.  If we had a fight last week, let’s shake hands and go on.”
•    “We need to work with people who may have problems with the Master Plan.”
•    “I am very concerned about insurance rates.  We need $22 million to finish the Comite Diversion Canal.”
•    “My goals over the next four years include a more equal representation of citizens via districts or possibly home rule charter; completed or improving street and sewer infrastructure projects and improved flood control; expanded professional, business, educational, and economic development; improved community sports, music, arts, cultural and entertainment areas for area youth; community college; community center with city offices, meeting rooms, and community areas; fiscal responsibility and balanced city budget, and secure and safe city with great police and fire protection.”
•    “We need more communication with our citizens.  We have experts in Central on just about everything.  We need to utilize their expertise and get them involved.”

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