Legislative Analyst on Bills to Watch

Legislative Analyst on Bills to Watch

Former State Sen. Dan Richey follows the Louisiana Legislature in his capacity as political consultant for Louisiana Family Forum.  But he also prepares a broader list of bills that he follows personally.
During the current session of the Louisiana Legislature, Sen. Richey has agreed to share with readers of the Capital City News his bill list.
One of the most important, Richey said, is a proposal by some Democratic lawmakers to expand the Medicaid program.  “This would add more than $1.3 billion in state spending and could endanger our ability to balance the state budget,” Richey said.
Another hot topic will be the repeal or modification of Common Core.  An unusual combination of conservatives and teachers unions object to Common Core.
Efforts to expand or restrict the right to keep and bear arms could be at the forefront of the session at times, but more gun control is unlikely in Louisiana, Richey said.
The legislature will consider bills to reduce penalties for possession of marijuana, he said.  While that concept has some public support, it is unclear how far it can make it through the legislative process because of concern about the harmful effect of drugs.
The Obama administration has been pushing for an increase in the minimum wage.  That appears to have little chance in Louisiana but will be the topic of headlines during the session.
A new subject will take center stage for the first time — restrictions on drones flying over private property, including homes and industrial plants.
Perhaps the most unusual bill of the session is to reduce the voting age to 16, Richey said.
To do your own research, go to http://www.legis.la.gov/legis/BillSearch.aspx?sid=current

Key Bills During 2014 Legislative Session


•    Several bills allowing people
with Concealed Carry permits to
carry firearms into businesses
•    Many bills to lessen marijuana
•    Many bills to repeal Common
•    Several bills to eliminate Tulane
•    HB 96 – Remove mandatory
retirement age for judges
•    HB 112 – Shorter legislative ses-
•    HB 125 – Statewide election of
Superintendent of Education
•    HB 172 – Remove union payroll
deductions from public workers
•    Expand Obamacare in Louisiana
• HB 187 – Gestational Surrogacy
in Louisiana
•    Many bills to add sexual orienta-
tion to list of discrimination
•    HB 283 – Make it easier for felons
to vote
• HB 292 – Calling constitutional
convention for fiscal purposes
•    HB 312 – Term limits for all state-
wide elected officials to three
terms; Governor still two terms
•    HB 328 – Restore electric chair
•    Bills to raise minimum wage
•    HB 369 – Sex education in public
•    HB 501 – Lower voter registration
to age 16
•    HB 503 – Make the Bible the state
•    Several bills to lower jury trial
threshold below $50K
•    Bills to reduce TOPS
•    Several bills to raise TOPS
•    HB 521 – Closed primaries for state
•    Equal pay for women
•    HB 797 – Prohibit cell phone use
while driving
•    HB 826 – Repeal Louisiana “Stand
Your Ground” law
•    HB 896 – Prohibits speed cameras
on Interstate
• HB 952 – Welfare drug testing

•    Many duplicate House bills
•    Bills to raise minimum wage
•    Change TOPS
•    Drone Prohibitions
•    SB 484 – Create four East Baton
Rouge Parish school districts

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