Delgado Says Supporters Of St. George Are ‘Taliban’

Delgado Says Supporters Of St. George Are ‘Taliban’

On Wednesday morning, Metro Councilman John Delgado made an inflammatory statement comparing supporters of incorporating the City of St. George to Al Qaeda, the terrorist group that planned the 9/11 attack.  Later, when asked by the media if he would retract the statement, he refused and said St. George supporters were the “Baton Rouge Taliban,” another terrorist group.

Reactions were immediate and strong from both supporters and opponents of St. George.  All condemned Delgado’s statement.

St. George spokesman Lionel Rainey III said Delgado’s statements were not only an insult to St. George supporters but to all those veterans who have fought Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other terrorist groups.  He demanded an immediate apology.

Mayor-President Kip Holden responded with less fervor but called on everyone to engage in constructive debate.

Delgado said the organizers of St. George have been threatening the City of Baton Rouge with ruin and destruction, including massive reductions in police and fire.

Norman Browning, the chairman of the St. George movement, said Delgado’s accusations were completely false and misleading.  He said there is no need for any adverse consequences for Baton Rouge other than some minor belt tightening.

On the Internet, critics of Delgado have been calling for him to resign or be recalled.  Others have  urged the Metro Council to censure him.

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