Leader of  St. George On Session, Delgado

Leader of St. George On Session, Delgado

Norman Browning, chairman of the movement to incorporate the City of St. George and launch the Southeast Baton Rouge Community School System told the Capital City News Wednesday that his volunteers are working with full speed ahead on getting 18,000 signatures necessary to get the incorporation of St. George on the ballot.

“Right now, we’re on track to complete the process in June and be on the ballot in November,” he said.

Browning said his group is closely monitoring the legislative session but doesn’t expect anything there to get the St. George movement off-track.

With respect to legislation sponsored by BRAC to provide more autonomy to schools, Browning said it was not a proposal for neighborhood schools.  He said the bill may make some improvements or it may be like “putting lipstick on a pig.”

In response to John Delgado’s comments that supporters of St. George were the “Baton Rouge Taliban,” Browning said the remarks were upsetting.  “He’s done nothing but throw out negative comments and attacked good people.  He hasn’t proposed one positive thing.  We believe his attacks are backfiring and helping more and more people get motivated to come on over to our side,” Browning said.  His number is 225-268-6930.

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