Central Physical Therapy Obtains Concussion Health Certification

Central Physical Therapy Obtains Concussion Health Certification

CENTRAL — Central Physical Therapy has announced it is now a Concussion Health certified facility.  Using new, state-of-the-art technology, CPT is able to offer patients, coaches, and athletic trainers the “peace of mind” of knowing it’s safe to put a player who has suffered a concussion back in the game.  Athletes who have been diagnosed with a concussion who return to the field-of-play too soon and suffer another significant blow to the head are at risk for “second-impact” syndrome, a rare condition that can result in death.

Central Physical Therapy can minimize the risk by utilizing computer-based, neuro-cognitive testing.  Evaluations are performed with either the ImPACT® test or Axon Sports Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool.  Both evaluate the mental component of brain function and measure symptoms, verbal and visual memory, reaction time, and processing speed.

CPT adds another step to the process by evaluating the motor component of brain function.  This phase of testing is done with the Biodex balance System SD.  The Biodex is an objective, computerized balance test that measures and records how well the athlete performs on tests that challenge balance with eyes open and closed on a platform that is either solid or moving much like a Wii game.

The issue of concussions and comprehensive concussion management has gained national attention as mounting research links violent collisions with the increasing prevalence of dementia, depression, and other long-term symptoms in former professional football players.

For information or a demonstration of Central Physical Therapy’s Concussion Health Certification or its comprehensive concussion management program, contact Richard O’Quinn, PT or Erik Strahan, DPT, ATC at 261-7094.  You can also learn more at www.concussionhealth.com.

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