It Comes Down to Louisiana and Its Senate Seat

The contrast between Sen. Mary Landrieu and her two Republican opponents could hardly be more stark.  Landrieu is a doctrinaire liberal on almost every issue.  She votes with President Obama 97 percent of the time.  Landrieu’s support of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gives Obama control of the Senate and facilitates Obama in his effort to run this country by executive fiat.  And by supporting Harry Reid, she kills more than 300 bills that have been passed by the conservative House of Representatives and are awaiting action by the Senate.

Landrieu stands for abortion, gun control, reckless spending, and a weaker national defense.  Meanwhile, the Republicans, Bill Cassidy and Rob Maness, stand on the right side of the issues.  Either will be a strong challenger to Landrieu in the Dec. 6 runoff.  Please exercise your patriotic duty and vote!

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