Bill Cassidy Asks For Support from La. Conservatives

Bill Cassidy Asks For Support from La. Conservatives

Former Rep. Woody Jenkins has announced he is endorsing Dr. Bill Cassidy for United States Senate in the Dec. 6 runoff against Sen. Mary Landrieu. Jenkins and Cassidy met Thursday in Baton Rouge.

Jenkins, who received 847,000 votes, or 49.8 percent in the run off against Landrieu in 1996, said, “Bill Cassidy has been a friend for many years, and I respect him as a hard-working and honest public servant. In this campaign, he has taken conservative positions, and after our meeting Thursday, I am convinced that he will take a strong conservative stand in the Senate. I wholeheartedly endorse him and urge my friends and supporters to do likewise.”

Cassidy said, “I appreciate Woody’s support. This is an important step toward not only uniting our party for victory in December but also uniting us as we work together to turn around this country in the years ahead.”

Cassidy continued, “This is a fitting occasion to reach out to my conservative friends and make my position clear on a number of important issues. First, I want you to know that I will be a strong conservative voice in Washington and will stand for the principles found in our Constitution. As examples:

• I have a 100 percent pro-life voting record. I am proud to be endorsed by National Right to Life and the Susan B. Anthony’s List.

• I support traditional marriage. I am proud to have a 100 percent rating with the Family Research Council.

• I support securing the border and do not support any amnesty. I have worked with U.S. Senator David Vitter on a bill that would stop the flow of illegal aliens across our border.

• I co-sponsored an amendment to the Constitution that requires a Balanced Budget.

• I voted to repeal and replace Obamacare almost 50 times while in Congress. Decisions about health care should be voluntary and market-based.

• I support the Second Amendment and oppose any additional federal gun control legislation. I’m proud to be endorsed by the NRA and carry their A+ rating.

• I believe our national debt is a threat to our national security. I have consistently supported legislation to balance the budget and believe we must cut up the credit cards.

• I ask all Louisianans to join with me in working with the conservative majority in Congress to turn around the federal government, restore it to its rightful purpose under the Constitution, and implement conservative principles.”

— Release from Cassidy campaign

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