How Romney’s Popular Vote in Louisiana Will Affect Election

How Romney’s Popular Vote in Louisiana Will Affect Election

BATON ROUGE — State Republican chairman Roger Villere encouraged Louisianians to take the time and trouble to vote on Nov. 6, even though Louisiana is not considered a swing state in the Presidential election.

Villere said, “We all have a right to vote but also a duty to vote.  So many Americans have fought and died so that we can have this right, and we have an obligation to do our duty by being informed and voting.”

Villere said Gov. Romney hopes to win a majority of the popular vote, as well as a majority of the Electoral College.  “Louisiana’s popular vote will contribute to his overall popular vote totals.  We know that if the election is close and we win a majority in the Electoral College but not a majority of the popular vote, some will use that to try to undermine the legitimacy of Gov. Romney’s election.  We don’t want a close election.  We want to have a strong majority of both the popular and Electoral College votes.  The point is, it is very important that Gov. Romney’s supporters go to the polls and vote in Louisiana.”

“In addition to that, we have many important races on the Nov. 6 ballot, such as the election of Mike Walker as Mayor-President in East Baton Rouge Parish.  Every vote will be important on Nov. 6, and I want to encourage every citizen to vote.  Also, please remember that early voting is Oct. 23 to 30.”

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