SAMPLE BALLOT • Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012 • East Baton Rouge Parish

SAMPLE BALLOT • Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012 • East Baton Rouge Parish

For President and Vice President

of the United States



Barack Obama, Joe Biden



Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan



Virgil Hamlin Goode, Jr., James N. Clymer



Jerry White, Phyllis Scherrer



Jill Stein, Cheri Honkala



Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson, Luis J. Rodriguez



James Harris, Alyson Kennedy



Gary Johnson, James P. Gary



Jack Fellure, Toby Davis



Sheila “Samm” Tittle, Matthew Allen Turner



Peta Lindsay, Yari Osorio


United States Representative

2nd Congressional District


Dwayne Bailey, Republican

Gary Landrieu, Democrat

Josue Larose, Republican

Cedric Richmond, Democrat

Caleb Trotter, Libertarian


United States Representative

6th Congressional District


William “Bill” Cassidy, Republican

Rufus Holt Craig Jr., Libertarian

Richard “RPT” Torregano, No Party


Associate Justice Supreme Court

5th Supreme Court District


John Michael Guidry, Democrat

Toni Higginbotham, Republican

Jeff Hughes, Republican

Timothy E. Kelley, Republican

William “Bill” Morvant, Republican

Mary Olive Pierson, Democrat

Jeffry Lamonte Sanford, No Party

Jewel E. “Duke” Welch, Republican


Judge, Court of Appeal

1st Circuit, 2nd District,


Gideon T. Carter III, Democrat

“Mike” McDonald, Republican

Trudy M. White, Republican


Public Service Commission District 2


Scott A. Angelle, Republican

Greg Gaubert, No Party

Sarah Holliday, Republican

Erich Ponti, Republican

“Ed” Roy, Republican

Forest Wright, Democrat


Mayor-President Metro Council

City of Baton Rouge


Melvin “Kip” Holden, Democrat

Gordon Mese, No Party

“Steve” Myers, No Party

J. Michael “Mike” Walker Sr., Republican


Councilman Metro District 1


Twahna P. Harris, Democrat

“Trae” Welch, Democrat


Councilman Metro District 2


Corey B. Alfred, Democrat

Chauna Banks-Daniel, Democrat

Steven Cook, Democrat

Leroy Davis, Democrat

Hillery Johnson, Democrat

Joseph Plummer, Democrat

Edward Roberts, Democrat

James Slaughter Jr., Democrat


Councilman Metro District 6


Donna Collins-Lewis, Democrat

Edwin “PaPo” Del Valle, Democrat

Carolyn “Gee” George, Democrat

William Roundtree, No Party


Councilman Metro District 7


Hazel Bradley, Democrat

Paul Brumfield, Democrat

C. Denise Marcelle, Democrat


Councilman Metro District 9


Joel Boé, Republican

Ted Rush, Republican


Councilman Metro District 10


Larry Selders, Democrat

Tara Wicker, Democrat


Councilman Metro District 12


RJ “Smokie” Bourgeois, Republican

Rose Carey, Democrat

“John” Delgado, Republican


City Judge City Court, ES 2C


Joel G. Porter, Democrat

Alex “Brick” Wall, Democrat


City Judge City Court, ES 2E


Tiffany Foxworth, Democrat

“Cliff” Ivey, Republican

Suzan S. Ponder, Republican


City Constable City Court


Reginald R. Brown Sr., Democrat

Alester Jones, Republican


Constable Justice of the Peace

Ward 3, District 2


Carey Jenkins, Republican

Ron Reynolds, Republican


Proposed Constitutional Amendment #1


Prohibit monies in the Medicaid Trust Fund for the Elderly from being used for other purposes.


Proposed Constitutional Amendment #2


Allow restrictions on right to keep and bear arms if subject to strict scrutiny.


Proposed Constitutional Amendment #3

Require legislation effecting any change in laws concerning retirement systems for public employees to be prefiled 45 days before session.


Proposed Constitutional Amendment #4


Exempt from ad valorem property taxes additional $75,000 of value of property owned by the spouse of a deceased veteran with 100 percent disability.


Proposed Constitutional Amendment #5


Forfeiture of public retirement benefits by any public servant convicted of a felony during public service.


Proposed Constitutional Amendment #6


Ad valorem tax exemption contracts by New Iberia for property annexed by the city after Jan. 1, 2013.


Proposed Constitutional Amendment #7


Fill vacancies in state boards first from under-represented congressional districts.


Proposed Constitutional Amendment #8


Ad valorem tax exemption contracts by the Board of Commerce and Industry for businesses.


Proposed Constitutional Amendment #9


No law enforcement district shall be enacted unless three separate notices of the proposal law are published 30 days prior to introduction of the bill.


Parishwide Proposition


Renew 1.23-mill property tax for 10 years for mosquito and rodent control ($4.1 million per year).


East Baton Rouge School Board Term Limits


To limit East Baton Rouge Parish School Board members to three four-year terms.

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