Mese Offers Different View of Mayor’s Job

Mese Offers Different View of Mayor’s Job

BATON ROUGE — Gordon Mese, owner of Garden District Nursery on Government Street, says he is running for Mayor-President not because he wants to but because he feels he has to, in order to create a more livable city.

He says his role model is Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers.  “I was born on George Washington’s birthday, and I’ve always felt a connection with him and our founders.”

“I’ve travelled the world and been exposed to many cultures and ideas.  I was educated in urban and regional planning and have seen what works and what doesn’t.  I come from a big Catholic family.  We have lived on the same land here on Government Street since 1929.  I’m committed to this community and I’m not going anywhere,” he said.

“Government Street is where Baton Rouge collides.  It’s where black meets white, north meets south, and commercial meets residential.  It’s the only real urban street in the parish.”

“Career politicians are more interested in keeping their jobs and they don’t have the courage to take risks, but we have to for future generations.”

Mese says he knows a lot about the crime problem.  “I’ve been stabbed six times and experienced more than 200 burglaries.  But a police state is not the answer.  We have to work on redevelopment and changing the environment.  We need to use our resources in creative ways and get police back in the neighborhoods on foot.  If I’m elected, I’ll be on the streets because that’s where it all happens.”

Mese said he believes he has a chance to move into the Dec. 8 runoff for Mayor-President.  “Kip Holden got elected by crossing all racial and party lines.  In order to beat him, you have to do the same thing.  I’m the only candidate who has the chance to do that.”

He said, “The two ‘major’ candidates are pulling out of the debates,” and he sees that as a sign they are losing support.

Mese, who is not affiliated with a party, said he sees a great future for Baton Rouge if it makes the changes he has in mind.

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