Good Samaritan’s Arm Crushed While Helping Woman Change Tire on Joor Rd.

David Perkins, the 19-year-old son of former Rep. Tony Perkins and wife Lawana is apparently “a chip off the old block.”
Last Friday, Perkins, who was scheduled to report for National Guard training in February, stopped to help a lady who had a flat fire on Joor Road. However, something went wrong, and the car fell off the jack, trapping Perkins’ arm between the fender and the tire.  Perkins was quickly rescued by the Central Fire Department and EMS but ended up with two broken bones in his arm and had to undergo surgery.
His mother Lawana said his family is very proud of David and his willingness to help those in need.
The Central Fire Department report read as follows:

“Just prior to 11 this morning, Engine 353, Rescue 318 and Chief 305 were dispatched to Joor Road just south of Lovett Road for a male trapped under a vehicle after the vehicle fell off a jack. On scene, firefighters discovered a person driving on Joor Road had stopped to help another driver change a flat tire. As the samaritan was placing the good tire on the car, the jack slipped pinning his arm between the tire and fender. Firefighters quickly freed the samaritan using rescue airbags. Injuries were not life threatening. Once the samaritan was turned over to EMS, firefighters finished changing the tire. Good quick work by all!”

After the event, David Perkins said, “Well, I’ve had an interesting weekend. After going to breakfast with my dad on Friday I was on my way home coming down Joor, and I saw two ladies on the side of the road with a flat tire. I made the quick decision to stop and help. As I began changing the tire, I didn’t think that I would be altering my plans for the year as I was shipping out to basic training on February 7 with the Army National Guard.”
“As I was placing the spare tire on the car, the jack slipped crushing my arm between the tire and the fender. I asked one of the ladies to call 911 and then to retrieve my phone from my pocket so I could call my dad. The fire department quickly arrived on the scene and used airbags to free my arm. I was then transported to the Lake. There I found out that I broke both bones in the center of my right arm.”
“As I was laying on the bed in the hallway, I called my mom to ensure to her that I was fine. She told me that I made the news, to which I responded, ‘Yeah right!’ but sure enough someone had taken pictures and dubbed me the Good Samaritan. But to me I was doing what I was supposed to do. I was being the hands and feet of Christ to those ladies. I had surgery Saturday morning putting two plates and twelve screws in my arm.”
“I was able to talk on the phone with the lady that I had stopped to help. Throughout all this, there has been something good. I’m keeping my head up as God used me to show the love of Christ to those ladies and even while I was trapped I had a peace about it all, and it spoke volumes to the ladies!”
“I’ve got a six to eight week recovery time and it’s going to be a bumpy ride. But as always, To God be the glory!”
Perkins was home-schooled at the family home on Liberty Road.

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