Mandatory Masks? Our Body, Our Choice!

 I could go into all the arguments about why it’s bad for healthy people to go around wearing masks, especially in the heat of a broiling Louisiana summer. 

• Or I could go through all the conflicting edicts by the CDC, the WHO, and various health “experts” on why masks work or don’t work. 

•Or I could go through the Louisiana Constitution and state law to show how neither the governor nor the mayor has the legal authority to force people to wear masks. 

•Or I could talk about how our enemies are using the Covid19 crisis to see how far we are willing to be pushed. 

• Or I could make the connection showing how the Far Left and the Deep State have been ginning up one crisis after another to try to get rid of President Trump — from their narratives about Russian collusion, the Ukraine phone call, impeachment, the Covid19 overreaction, and now the rioting — all designed to bring fear and panic to the American people so that they turn against the President. 

• Or I could talk about the media and how they have tried to brainwash us and make us act against our own interests. 

• Or I could talk about how wearing a mask is really a test of your subservience to the mob and the state. 

• Or I could talk about the fact that there is a cure (hydroxychloriquine with the zpac) that is almost 100 percent effective. 

In fact, I have wasted my breath talking about all of those things for the past five months. But what I have painfully come to realize is that for most people, none of that matters. 

People either think like free men or they “think” like sheep and are easily herded. Free men bristle at every infringement on their liberty, while the sheep are eager to be told what to do and go with the flow. I raise chickens and every afternoon let them run free for three or four hours. It is amazing to watch as they run here and there as a pack, mindlessly following whichever chicken found a bug or thought she did. 

To the sheep and the chickens reading this, I have nothing to say. You know who you are. Nothing I could say will change one hair on your head or one feather on those wings of yours which cannot fly. You’re a sheep or a chicken. You’ll live and die that way. There are lots of you. Your group is always in the majority. When they tell you to get in the boxcars, you will remorsefully do so, thinking that you never had a choice. 

However, to the freedom-lovers reading this, I have a few words: My friends and fellow patriots, the mandate that we wear masks is evil, wrong, and must be resisted because it is a mindless Infringement on our Liberty. It’s our body, our choice! Period. 

Today we are in a time of great crisis when everything we believe and everything we love is at stake. Whether we will continue to live in a free country has never been so in question. If we think back to the American Revolution, free men were willing to stand and risk everything over a very simple principle: Taxation without representation. We were being taxed from afar without having a voice, and we wouldn’t stand for it. 

But look at things today! They are immeasurably worse than then! Since March, we have been ruled by decree. Governors and mayors have issued “orders” contrary to the constitution, the Bill of Rights, and laws of their states. They shut down churches, schools, and businesses. They dictated every aspect of our lives. They manipulated us in a sadistic fashion, even forbidding us to shake hands, hug one another, go to the hospital with a loved one, hold a funeral for our mother, or go to church! 

Now they even presume to dictate what we wear on our faces and how we breathe!

None of this has been authorized by a vote of Congress or the legislature. These orders aren’t “law.” On the contrary, most of it is contrary to law. It is illegal. Yet the courts do nothing. 

Now the mobs have descended, tearing down our history and our heroes, even Christ, Columbus, Washington, and Jefferson. In many places, the police do nothing. Mayors sit by and allow mob rule to run rampant. 

I do not know the future and do not pretend to know. However, it is my belief that we are entering a new phase and that free men must stand. We cannot sit idly by and watch while everything is destroyed. We must resist! We must physically confront the mobs and stop them! We must stand against the continuous propaganda campaign and call it out with the truth! We must resist illegal orders even if it means going to jail! We must demand that our rights as Americans be protected! 

We cannot wait for the sheep or the chickens to wake up! They won’t wake up until they are in line at the slaughterhouse, and it will be too late! 

Free men, you too know who you are! Now is the time for wisdom and for action! Hold Strong and Stand!

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