So Now the Fool Governor Forbids Dancing


DANCING — Yes, our fool Democrat governor has a new one: No dancing!  Add that to no singing, no hand shaking, no hugging, no funerals, no visiting your dying mother in the hospital.  

“A video recently posted on Facebook shows couples dancing inside a Lafayette restaurant. A viewer called News 10 and asked if people were allowed to dance inside of the restaurant- the short answer is, No!”

“Dancing is not allowed at all, indoors or outdoors,” State Fire Marshal Butch Browning said. “It’s been very challenging for people to remember that because you know, we’re a dancing state and if you’re not dancing, you’re not living.” 

Just wear your masks!  Above all, be safe!  We wouldn’t want to take any chances, would we?  No, “life” is too valuable!

State Fire Marshal asks public to hold off on cultural pastime


If you take living out of life, there’s really nothing left, is there?


“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!”


HOW TO KEEP OUR FREEDOM — The way to keep our freedom is for you to keep exercising your freedom, especially when it is under attack! Never let the government or your fellow citizens get the idea that tyranny and lawlessness by the state will be accepted or go unchallenged!


DR. RHETT BERGERON, the physician who wrote the excellent two-page article on how to build your immune against the Covid in the April 2020 edition of the Central City News, said this Monday: “Masks, economic shut down, and forced isolation are a test of the public’s willingness to accept government orders – they are a precursor to mandatory vaccines and even greater regulation by government and even corporations to prevent those who refuse vaccines from certain activities in the market place — such as travel, entrance into some businesses and government offices.”


COVID19 — Yes, we all know it can be deadly. We’ve known that from the beginning. About 1 in every 1,000 people in Louisiana have died from it (or with it). However:

  1) The governor’s “orders” are illegal and unconstitutional. He has no power under the state’s emergency powers law R.S. 29:721 to close businesses or mandate masks. His actions are unlawful. 

2) There is a cure that is highly successful, according to many physicians. If you get it, they say take hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin and zinc. People who do that early have almost no problems, they advise. 

3) The people who are vulnerable mainly older people with other serious health problems need to stay home. Certainly, masks won’t help them. 

4) It’s not true that it’s more deadly or worse than the flu. It is a form of the flu. 

5) Children are not in danger. Almost no one in this country under 15 has died from it and only a handful under 20. There is no reason to close schools or require children to mask in school. 

6) This is a free country and people have the right to breathe free or cover their faces. Requiring people to wear a mask is an infringement of their civil liberties and their right to control their own bodies.

7) As a newspaper, since mid-March, we have covered 65 church services at Life Tabernacle Church where there has been no mask wearing and no social distancing. Services have ranged from 300 to 3,000 people. Everyone was going to die, we were told, but not one person has died or been hospitalized. Fear is the opposite of faith. We need to live our lives, not huddle in the closet and try to throttle the liberties of those want to live their lives.


HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL — This fool Democrat governor’s latest illegal decree has pushed back high school football to October.


A FREE WOMAN, DANIELLE BUNCH of Firehouse BBQ in Watson, is standing up to the illegal masking order of that fool Gov. John Bel Edwards, and the public is supporting her! Since the governor began harassing Danielle, her business has soared. They have continuous customers and sell out! [See Attorney General’s Opinion on the legality of the order]


GOAL OF THE BREATHE FREE SOCIETY at least initially is to counter efforts by our fool Democrat governor to punish and shutdown businesses and churches that refuse to comply with his illegal, unconstitutional orders. 

Simply put, the tactic is for large numbers of citizens to surge to the business when his henchmen arrive to close the business. Ordinary citizens will carry signs and line up to purchase products and support the business. It will be a scene that will make it very awkward for the bureaucrats to use the limited tools they have to close the business. 

If they turn off the business’ power, we will have generators to help them stay open until we can get a court order to make the State back off. 

The idea is to counter any effort to punish or shut the business and make sure it is more popular and more successful than before they were targeted. 

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20,000 RALLIED IN BERLIN for freedom and an end to lockdowns and mandatory masks.


THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY. People have the right to come and go as they please. They have a right to open their businesses and receive customers who choose to go there. They have the right to go to church — on their own terms, not according to some politician or bureaucrat. They have the right to decide whether to cover their face or not.

This is not a dictatorship — at least not according to our Constitution and laws. The governor of this state has never been given the power to close businesses or to control our movements or tell us to mask. 

He has assumed autocratic powers and is personally responsible for the harm he has done. So far, we have stopped him at the church door at Life Tabernacle and shown he cannot close a church that stands firm! So far, we have stopped him at Calloway’s Gym and at Firehouse BBQ and shown he cannot close a small business that stands firm. He does not want a hearing before an honest Judge because he knows he cannot win. The Constitution and the laws of the state are 100% against him. However, his pathetic attempt to be a dictator has succeeded in bringing financial ruin to many and leaving our state’s people living in a state of fear and panic. For that, history will never forgive him. However, he will NOT succeed in permanently taking away our liberties. That is one thing for certain!

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