Roar of Death Valley Became a Whimper Under One-Man Rule of John Bel Edwards

If one man can kill a state, the Fool Governor, John Bel Edwards, is well on his way. 

Through his draconian, illegal orders, he stopped people from shaking hands, hugging people’s necks, going to their favorite coffee shop or restaurant without a hated mask, opening their businesses, going to work, going to church, or going to a concert or a sporting event.  

He even managed to stop people from going to the hospital to take care of their loved ones or holding a decent funeral for their mama.  There is really no end to how far he will go to save us from ourselves with his nanny state.  But four Saturdays ago, all his bizarre and illegal policies took tangible form for the world to see — in Death Valley, the place where opponents’ dreams go to die.  

How ironic that we witnessed the dreams of our whole state dying before our eyes. The roar of the crowd in “Death  Valley” or “Deaf Valley” is a powerful symbol of our state and a powerful weapon for our team.  

Death Valley is — or was — one of the three or four most difficult places in America for an opponent to play.  No one has been able to silence that crowd, including Bear Bryant and Nick Saban of Alabama.  

No one until now! Now someone has done it — one of our own.  Our governor!  

It is unthinkable that one man’s maniacal obsession with his own power could silence Tiger Stadium, but he did it!  

25 percent capacity?  

No tailgating?  

Masks required?  

Are you kidding?  

People are adults!  You’re not our mama!  

There was no “roar” on the campus of LSU.  In fact, the campus was “eerily silent,” as the mask-loving Baton Rouge Advocate described it!  

There were none of the hard fought victories that often come in the fourth quarter, because fans “roared” and chanted to cheer the Tigers on!  All that was missing.  

Yes, governor, you supported taking down the honored name of Gen. Troy Middleton from the LSU Library, dishonoring the memory of one of our nation’s great heroes of World War II.  

And, yes, you will support the radical left’s renaming 10 or 15 of our buildings on the LSU campus — Allen Hall, Boyd Hall, Nicholson Hall, and many others.  You  want to re-fight the Civil War. Governor, it’s all about your politics, which trumps your common sense and the history of our school.  

You were elected governor, not dictator.  

No one elected you to change the culture, the history, or the customs of this state.  

Without Tiger Stadium, LSU is just another SEC school, not really special.  

At every turn, governor, you take the joy out of life!

Imagine the Fighting Tigers coming out onto the field Saturday to a nearly empty stadium without the roar of the fans.  That’s what happened in the first game of the season!

But, of course, they won’t be the Fighting Tigers much longer, will they, governor?  

After all, the LSU mascot was named after the famous Fighting Tigers who fought for Louisiana and the South in the Civil War!  

The LSU Board of Supervisors — your board, because you appointed every member — dishonored Gen. Middleton and they are about to dishonor many other heroes of the university.

Certainly, your attention will turn to the Fighting Tigers and you will take down the LSU mascot.  A fitting end to your political career.

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