Too Busy to Vote? Then Kiss Country Goodbye

Too Busy to Vote? Then Kiss Country Goodbye

Direction of State Supreme Court to Be Decided Here Saturday, Dec. 8

by Woody Jenkins, editor

BATON ROUGE — How can people live in the United States of America — formerly the freest country in the world (we’re now ranked the 10th freest country) — and not vote?

What is wrong with people?

How can anyone watch TV or read the newspaper and not realize that this country of ours is in dire shape and getting worse rapidly?

How can they sit by and find time to go to a ball game on a Saturday or watch TV or go to a parade but not find time to exercise their responsibility to vote?

This Saturday, we have the runoff election for the Louisiana Supreme Court.  It is a critical election in which a conservative Republican, Jeff Hughes, is facing a moderate Democrat, John Michael Guidry.

If Hughes wins, the Republicans will have a 4-3 majority on the highest court in our state, and the court will move in a more conservative, constitutionalist direction.

But, based on early voting, only about 15 to 20 percent of conservative voters will go to the polls.  If that happens, the Democrat candidate will probably win.

Why?  It’s very simple.  The Democrat candidate has raised over $200,000 for the campaign.  But have you seen a lot of TV spots for the Democrat?  No, you haven’t.

He is spending his money on the streets — on get-out-the-vote efforts in the inner city and in the river parishes.  Meanwhile, conservative voters see Hughes’ spots on TV and no Guidry spots.  They think,

“Oh, Hughes has it in the bag!”


Conservative voters talk to their friends, and every one of their friends is voting for the Republican.  They think, “Oh, he’ll win in a breeze!”


The problem is, they’re just talking to their friends — people who think like they think.  But that’s not who will turn out to vote.

If there is anything we should pound into one another, it is that we should all take the time to be informed and vote.

Recently, I’ve been reading about the secession movement.  Some people say states like Louisiana should secede from the Union!

Secede?  Are you kidding me?

People are too lazy even to vote.  Do you really think they have the motivation to take up arms and fight?  That’s ridiculous.

If people took the time to campaign for good candidates, put up yard signs, wave signs on street corners, contribute to candidates, and vote, we wouldn’t have a problem, and no one would be talking about seceding.

We’re in a transition right now — from being the freest country in the world to being the laziest country.  Think me wrong?  Then vote!


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