Runoff Saturday for Key Races

Runoff Saturday for Key Races

BATON ROUGE — With the philosophical direction of the Louisiana Supreme Court hanging in the balance, Republican hopes to gain a majority on the court in this Saturday’s election are looking dim.

While Judge Jeff Hughes, the conservative Republican candidate, is narrowly leading in the polls, Judge John Michael Guidry, a moderate Democrat, has a better than 50-50 chance to win, according to political consultant Dan Richey.

Based on early voting, white voters, who are more likely to favor Hughes, are expected to turn out at a rate of only 15 percent.  On the other hand, Guidry is spending his money on get-out-the-vote efforts in the black community.  A mere 33 percent turnout among black voters would probably elect Guidry.

A Republican strategist said, “The fact is, conservative voters complain a lot but, in special elections, they are too lazy to go vote.  So they wake up the day after the election surprised the Democrat won.  I’d like to tell conservatives, look, we’re losing the country, why don’t you take the time to vote before it’s too late!”

Republicans face Democrats in two other judicial rates: The Court of Appeal, where Judge Mike McDonald (R) is challenged by Gideon Carter, and City Court, where Judge Suzan Ponder (R) is challenged by Tiffany Foxworth.  In Metro Council District 2, Leroy Davis faces Chauna Banks-Daniel.  In District 12, Councilman Smokie Bourgeois faces John Delgado.

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