Parkview Baptist Completes Perfect Season with 42-7 Victory in State 3A Championship

Parkview Baptist Completes Perfect Season with 42-7 Victory in State 3A Championship

BATON ROUGE — With an impressive 42-7 victory over arch-rival Notre Dame, Parkview Baptist won the State 3A Football Championship in the Super Dome last Saturday.  The victory was the culmination of Coach Kenny Guillot’s third perfect season.  His teams went 15-0 in 2001, 15-0 in 2007, and 13-0 this year.  Guillot said two plays were critical in the championship game — an on-side kick and a blocked punt.  The first provided the go-ahead touchdown, and the second put the game out of reach at 26-7.

“It was a total team effort, like this entire season,” he said.  “It was a story book season but there was adversity, beginning with the death of one of our players, Samuel Wimberly, and then the death of the father of one of our players.”

Coach Guillot praised his staff and talked about what it’s like to go to the Super Dome so many times.  Does it get old?

“It never gets old,” Guillot said, “because of the new kids.  They are excited and enjoy it so much.  Going to the Dome for practice is an incredible experience.  You’re in the Dome but there’s no pressure.  When the championship game arrives, you forget the environment and just play the game.  These kids had confidence in what they were doing.”

Guillot has a reputation of coaching so many championship teams.  Yet, he doesn’t put pressure on the kids or emphasize winning.

“I talk to the kids about life, facing adversity, and being your best.  On Saturdays, we talk about going to church on Sunday,” he said.

Fighting Cancer.  Last week, Coach Guillot revealed to his team that he is facing his biggest challenge yet.  He has been diagnosed with cancer, a lymphoma.  Yesterday, he began chemotherapy.  “I was in the chair, taking the chemotherapy from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  I go back Thursday and Friday.  So far, I’m feeling fine.”  He anticipates 15 treatments, one every 21 days.  I hope to be back full time for spring training.”

The Parkview football banquet will be at 7 p.m. Jan. 3 at the new gym.

— Woody Jenkins, Editor

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