Obama Cannot Be Trusted on Immigration

Obama Cannot Be Trusted on Immigration

ICE Agents Sued Their Own Agency Because Obama Refuses to Enforce Immigration Laws

by Woody Jenkins

BATON ROUGE — A bipartisan team of Senators, including Sen. Marco Rubio, recently announced an immigration reform proposal that would allow 10 million or more illegal immigrants to stay in this country, become citizens, receive government handouts, and vote in our elections.

The main argument made to conservatives to entice them to support such a proposal is that the federal government is going to seal up the border and stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the country.

The question is, what federal government are we talking about?

Are we talking about the federal government run by Barack Obama?  Because, if we are, the promise of sealing the border is nothing more than a cruel hoax.  He has no intention to do any such thing.

Not long ago, a group of ICE agents sued their own agency, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency for failing to enforce our immigration laws.  In June, Obama deferred the deportation of 1.7 million illegal aliens in violation of federal law.  Chris Crane, an ICE agent who is president of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, a union for ICE employees, said, “We are federal law enforcement officers who are being ordered to break the law.  This directive puts ICE agents and officers in a horrible position.”

Let’s be honest about the Obama Administration and immigration — Their sole interest is to use the issue to the political advantage of the Democratic Party and specifically the Obama Administration.

Obama would like nothing better than to create a system that would turn illegal immigrants into citizens who vote solidly Democratic before the 2014 election.  Some Democratic strategists believe they can generate five million additional Democratic votes and insure a permanent Democratic majority.

It is folly to think that Republican support of such proposals will influence future Latino voters.  This is all about using illegal immigrants to maintain and perpetuate political power.  It’s time the Obama Administration begin living by the law — instead of making up the rules as they go along.

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