Former Sheriff Rips Obama Gun Control

Former Sheriff Rips Obama Gun Control


Executive Orders More Dangerous Than Legislation

by Woody Jenkins, Editor

BATON ROUGE — Republicans attending Tuesday’s Ronald Reagan Newsmaker Luncheon got a primer on President Obama’s proposed gun control legislation.
Former East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Greg Phares provided a point-by-point analysis of what Obama wants Congress to pass.  It wasn’t pretty. However, there is something even more startling, according to the former Sheriff.  It is Obama’s proposed executive orders.
After all, anything Obama wants to pass through Congress will have to make it through the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Far-reaching gun control legislation is unlikely to pass through that body.
But executive orders are an entirely different matter.  They don’t have to pass Congress at all.  They amount to Presidential decrees, and they are very dangerous.  Obama has already announced that he is willing to virtually “rule by decree” if Congress fails to accommodate his proposals.
Sheriff Phares revealed something about Obama’s executive orders that is quite shocking — his plan to use Obamacare as part of his gun control efforts.
As part of extensive new Obamacare requirements, physicians would ask patients if they have a gun in their home.
This would permit Obama’s government to obtain extensive information about which American citizens have guns.
The next aspect of his plan is tying in background checks with physicians’ questions.
The rush to prohibit “dangerous people” from possessing firearms could include a very wide net.
Some on the left have made it clear that veterans are dangerous people and should be prohibited from having access to firearms.
“Mental” cases should be prohibited from getting dangerous weapons, but who does that include?  If someone is on anti-depressants, is he a mental case?
Should people have their Right to Keep and Bear Arms taken away because of the medication they are on?
Sheriff Phares argues that many of Obama’s gun control proposals have little chance of passing, such as a ban on AR-15’s.  Others, such as the limit of 10 bullets to a magazine would have little practical effect.  As the sheriff says, a person can be trained to change magazines in about 1.5 seconds.
HIPAA protects our right to privacy in health care matters, sometimes to the extreme.  Yet, Obama’s proposals would made an exception to HIPAA requirements so that physicians could order you to tell if you have a gun in your home as a prerequisite to getting a medical exam or a prescription.
Obama’s extraordinary proposals to violate our right to privacy come at the same time that Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department is suing Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler.
Holder makes a false and ridiculous claim that Schedler’s office has been discriminating against minority citizens by failing to adequate promote voter registration.
It is interesting to note that the suit against our Secretary of State asks for all confidential information in our voter files, such as our Social Security numbers.
Obama’s call for national background checks for everyone buying a gun, including private sales from you to your father-in-law, combined with Obamacare regulations inquiring about our gun ownership, and the attempted seizure of confidential information in our voter files raise a whole range of questions.
Where is this administration going with all of this?  Are our rights under attack and threatened?
Of course they are.  This administration wants to take away our firearms.  They are proposing to ban the ownership of many weapons and restrict which of our citizens can own firearms for self defense.
In Louisiana, one of the keys to protecting our liberties is Sen. Mary Landrieu.  She is up for reelection and would love to run as a “pro-gun” moderate Democrat.
Well, let’s see if she pressures Obama to pull back on his executive orders on gun control.  Let’s see if she goes to the Senate floor and fights for our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
Or, let’s see if she sits on her hands but then at election time claims she is pro-Second Amendment.


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