Wide Open Prostitution on Plank Road, Within Blocks of BR City Police Station

Wide Open Prostitution on Plank Road, Within Blocks of BR City Police Station

At 12:30 a.m., Half Dozen Prostitutes Working Plank Road

BATON ROUGE — It’s a little after midnight on Saturday in Louisiana’s capital city, and prostitutes are openly plying their trade on the streets, especially on Plank Road in North Baton Rouge.Within a few blocks of the Baton Rouge City Police station at 4445 Plank Road, at least six prostitutes were out soliciting business.  As they hailed down prospective customers and negotiated deals, city police vehicles repeatedly drove by.On this night, all of the women appeared to be African American.A few blocks away, a city policeman who was off-duty said it is tough for police officers to handle prostitution cases.  “Basically, you need an undercover agent who is recording the conversation with the prostitute.  Otherwise, it’s difficult to make a case.  Plus, they are out on the street the next night,” he said.

In the current session of the Louisiana Legislature, Sen. Sharon Broome (D-Baton Rouge) and Rep. Valarie Hodges (R-Central) have bills to target human trafficking, which often involves minors who are kidnapped and forced to engage in prostitution or, more often, minors who are addicted to drugs and subject to being controlled by pimps or managers who provide them drugs and keep most of the profits.  Broome has introduced SB88, and Hodges has introduced HB126.  For information, go to www.legis.la.gov.

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